Series: Bleach

Art Stats: Original Watercolor Painting... Gift

Character: Ishida

Fangirl Ranting: I have said this about a bazillion times, but I'll just have to keep on saying it: I'm a lucky gal, blessed with wonderful friends that I don't deserve. And Crystal is one of them. Not only is she amazingly talented, but she is kind and sweet to me when I don't deserve it. I couldn't believe it when a surprise package showed up that included this lovely Ishida. I'm ashamed to say that I've had this artwork for quite some time -- probably 6-8 months or so at this point! And I never managed to scan and display it. I don't collect as much as I used to, so I've fallen behind on updating my gallery and website. But, I actually thought I had already put this lovely boy up in here. I was shocked to realize I hadn't, but he's here now -- and looking mighty fine, too!

I love how Crystal has captured the serious earnestness in Ishida's expression here. This is one of the things about his character that caused me to totally fall for him when I watched Bleach. And few things are as wonderful as Crystal's amazing watercolor work!

Created by: Crystal


ishida from bleach original watercolor





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