A man with an obsession is a man who has very little sales resistance.

~C.S. Lewis

Obsession ... Love ...

Isn't it all the same thing? No -- really. ^.~

I love everything in my production art gallery. But I would be lying if I didn't admit there are some shows I adore more than others. These are the shows that keep me in this nutty hobby, through thick and thin, through good experiences and bad. They are the shows I always look for, and the ones that, likely, will keep me collecting for years to come. I can't quite explain why, but these shows speak to me on a very different level; they have, somehow, crawled inside of me and become part of who and what I am. In short, out of all the anime I've watched and enjoyed, these are the shows I return to, time and time again.

I consider everything in this particular gallery section to be something of a cornerstone in my collection. These are my most prized possessions, even amongst the art that I love so much.

Legal Stuff ...

The images here are intended only to express a fan's genuine love of her collection and the animes and art it features. They are just for fun and not at all for profit. If you have rights in any of the works listed here and find the posting of these images to be offensive or harmful, please contact me, and I will be happy to remove them.


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