Fill your paper with the breathing things of your heart.

~William Wordsworth

Graphite Scribbles and Happy Days ...

I can still remember when I first started collecting production art. I loved cels. Enough so that I wanted LOTS of them. (Although, at the time, I didn't realize that. I foolishly believed I would be happy with "just one or two". Silliness. Pure silliness.) Cels were shiny. Cels were pretty. They had bright colors and beautifully graphic black line work. Cels satisfied my (not so) inner magpie -- the little part of me lured to its doom by all things shiny and bright.

Sketches, though ... Eh.

At the time, I couldn't see the appeal. They were just graphite scribbles on paper -- sometimes on paper that's a gosh-awful yellow or blue or pink color ... sometimes on what even looks like bits of scratch paper. I was smug enough to think I would "never" be a sketch fan. I would remain solidly in the realm of snuggling my painted plastic pretties, while snubbing my nose at those wrinkled bits of paper containing random scribbles.

Yes, well, I'm not so smug now. It all started with just one sketch -- a Saiyuki sketch of Kougaiji, which I bought on a whim. I loved Saiyuki, and sketches were it for that show, so I purchased Kou thinking I would have at least one little bit of a show I loved. But a funny thing happened. I got my first good, in-person look at that sketch ... and I was in LOVE. Enough so that I quickly fell into being a "sketch" collector as well as a "cel" collector.

It's true sketches don't have the vibrant color or graphic line work I love so much from cels. And yet they have a graceful beauty all their own. I love the very organic quality of the artwork when seen in sketch form. Every scribble and stray line ... every little squiggly note tucked on the corner or back of a page ... every wrinkle, dent, and coffee stain -- I love them all. And I hope to be a sketch collector for quite some time to come.

Legal Stuff ...

The images here are intended only to express a fan's genuine love of her collection and the animes and art it features. They are just for fun and not at all for profit. If you have rights in any of the works listed here and find the posting of these images to be offensive or harmful, please contact me, and I will be happy to remove them.


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