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From Episode Unknown

Episode Information: After a practice session with Fuujin, Fuuko asks Kage Houshi about whether or not it might be possible to combine Fuujin's power with that of other elemental weapons by replacing Fuujin's missing stone with parts of the other weapons. Kage Houshi marvels at Fuuko's perceptiveness and quickly-gained knowledge of Fuujin's abilities. (episode info needs confirmation!)

Fangirl Ranting: Just couldn't pass this little lovely up when I saw it for sale. It's such a lovely, dark and moody shot. In the anime, this scene had a background showing an evening sky and some trees, with Fuuko standing on stairs a bit above Kage Houshi. I don't have anything remotely resembling that, so I had to make do with a dark and moody blue. Still, I think the dynamics of the image come through perfectly, particularly the perspective and positioning of the two characters. I love how you can still get a sense of Fuuko standing above Kage Houshi. I also really like how dark and shadowy Kage Houshi is, overall. It seems fitting for someone who has lived in the shadows, outside of time.

Overall, a very pretty cel from a great scene. Time, though, has not been entirely kind to this little one. There is quite a bit of line fading, which you can see on Fuuko's shorts, on Fuujin, and in Fuuko's hair. Although this image is likely too small for you to really notice, in person, you would also see line fading on Kage Houshi's face. Even with these issues, I'm happy to have this cel in my Flame of Recca collection. It's become very rare to find decent cels from this show at all, and particularly nice pans showing multiple characters and from meaningful scenes.

Source: YJ or Ebay


kage houshi and fuuko talk about fuujin




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