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Character: Azalie

From Episode 8: "Azalie" ("The Secret of the Heavenly Beast: Sorceress")

Episode Information: After failing to seal Azalie while on the Lost Island, Orphen is despondent. He withdraws from the rest of the group, refusing to speak to anyone or let anyone near him. Cleao is angry that she is unable to reach him or help him in any way. Majic seems to be doing his best to play peacemaker between the two of them -- a role he has to take on quite often during the show. And, Volcan and Dortin break away from the rest of the group to explore the island -- looking for treasure, of course!

Cleao and Majic hear Volcan scream and run toward the sound. They find Volcan and Dortin in a room full of crystals, and are shocked at what they see: this image of a beautiful young woman floating through the crystals, over and over again. Majic comments that the crystals are relics of the Heavenly Ones, and Volcan wonders if the woman is trapped inside. Majic says he doesn't think so, pausing as he watches this shot of the woman float through the crystal in front of him. Suddenly, Majic believes he knows who the woman is, but he calls Orphen to confirm his suspicions.

As Orphen enters the room, he sees images of a woman, reflected again and again in the crystals all around the room. We see an expression of hurt, sadness, and shock cross his face, confirming that Majic's suspicions were correct. It is Azalie, as she was six years before when she and Orphen visited this island together for the first time. It's an eerily beautiful scene, showing Azalie so real and vibrant. Not the terrible, frightening dragon they have been pursuing, but a beautiful young woman with a quick smile and eyes that seem to sparkle with mischief or some hidden joke. It is as if she has stepped out of Orphen's memories or dreams -- and yet, she somehow seems more real than any dream could be. Orphen, distraught at seeing Azalie like this, breaks down and runs from the room.

Fangirl Ranting:The moment I saw this cel pop up on YJ, I knew it HAD to be mine. No matter what. And I settled in for what I figured would be a huge, vicious bidding war. I was shocked to find that I ended up getting this cel for a fraction of my maximum bid. I have no idea where all the Orphen collectors were on the day this auction ended, but one thing is for sure: they were NOT bidding against me. I couldn't have been more thrilled with my good luck.

And good luck it surely was, because this cel is amazing. Not only a book cel, but with all of the layers and backgrounding intact. It's only missing its sketch. It is a bit difficult to tell because of the way this image scans, but both images of Azalie are quite complete. And I have not seen many cels of her that are more beautiful than this one. For all her personality flaws and failures in judgment and good sense, Azalie has an amazing character design. I think this image perfectly shows both it and the gorgeous artstyle present in much of this show.

Source: YJ



azalie's image in crystals, ep. 8




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