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From Ending 1: Beautiful Alone

Fangirl Ranting: Ah ... Such a lovely, lovely, lovely cel. I have to admit that I waffled a bit on buying this one. I haven't been shopping for or buying many cels over the past year or so, and I kept thinking I could probably live without this one. After all, it's of "that other Aya" -- ha, ha!

But, after visiting it a few times and looking at it, and then looking at it some more ... I decided that, in fact, I couldn't live without it. And boy, am I super happy I came to that conclusion! It was definitely the right decision. This cel is stunning. I love how beautiful and innocent Aya-chan is in this image. Her eyes are mesmerizing. But, more than that, I love how this image comes toward the end of the Beautiful Alone ending song. You see all the images of the boys going on with their normal, every-day lives, and images of them fighting, too, as part of their "night jobs". It's a hard life they have chosen for themselves. And then, you get to see this beautiful image of Aya-chan, finally waking up from her coma. Knowing that this is what Aya has fought for and hoped for throughout the whole series, it's a very poignant and meaningful image to me.

Source: Wendy


ayachan waking up, second ending

screencap of ayachan ending cel



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