Cel Stats: A1 Key End, A7 Key End ... Background: Original, Unmatching ... Matching Sketch

Characters: Manx and Yohji

From Weiss Kreuz OVA: Strafe

Episode Information: After the boys complete their real mission and rescue Manx and Kaori, we find them all outside the fence to the US military base. They are talking about the mission with Manx. Ken asks what will happen to Kaori, and Omi tells him she has been in the hospital since her accident. Omi's voice turns sad as he mentions Kaori's older brother, who died in a motorcycle accident. Manx says that, since Kaori saw nothing, this mission is over for Weiss. But she tells the boys they can never see Kaori again.

Fangirl Ranting: OK ... so this (this!!) is quite a prize. OVA cels don't come up all that often, so I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this little darling listed. I figured the bidding would be hot and heavy, leaving me either completely out of luck or crying over my empty wallet. But, I ended up getting this lovely critter for pretty close to the opening bid! Score!

So, what is there to love about this little darling? For one thing, it's an OVA cel, so it pretty much goes without saying that this fact, alone, turns me into a bit of a squealing fangirl. Also, I believe this is my first Manx cel. She has such a gorgeous character design, with those vivid green eyes and her beautiful red curls. Sadly, really nice Manx cels seem to be few and far between, so I'm very pleased to have this one here. I love Yohji's overall look in the OVA, and this is a spectacular cel of him, too -- including his necklace and cigarette! Oh yeah, Yotan knows how to accessorize.

Source: YJ


manx and yohji from the ova

manx and yohji ova cap




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