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Character: Schuldich

From Weiss Kreuz OVA: Strafe

Episode Information: At the very end of Strafe, after the ending song and final credits, we see a busy city street. A group of girls chatters excitedly about a cute guy who works at a flower shop. They decide to go there and buy even more flowers and, as they run off, they drop a single bloom on the sidewalk. A man in a dark suit approaches it. He picks it up, revealing himself to be Schuldich, and smiles. A car pulls up next to him, and we see Crawford as the window rolls down. Crawford asks, "They're here?" Schuldich replies that they are, and he's not going to let them escape this time. Crawford laughs and assures Schuldich that their targets have no where to run to. Schuldich smiles and crushes the flower, letting the petals blow away on the wind.

Fangirl Ranting: Needless to say, I'm not much of a Schwartz fan. I remain resolutely focused on the "good guys" from this show for my collecting pleasure ... and, in that little category, even more focused on my two favorite kitty boys. Even so, there are a few Schu cels out there that I've always enjoyed visiting. And, each time I would visit them, I would tell myself: "Self, I would totally make an exception to my "no Schwartz" rule for a cel like this one."

Well ... this is one of those cels! Not a sequence mate, but the actual cel that I've visited so many times.

There's so much I adore about this cel. For one thing, it's gorgeous. The coloring is beautiful, and I love how the line work is so subtle and delicate, particularly in the flower and in Schu's hair. I love the pose and how his hand is rendered so perfectly. And the expression is oh-so-perfect: smug and a bit snarky but with a little dark humor underneath it all. This is such a rare shot, since Schwartz doesn't appear in most of the OVA; they only show up right at the end, where, of course, they are plotting against our Weiss boys once again. And this shot of Schuldich is just iconic to me. It's the quintessential Schuldich moment, which makes me even more thrilled to be able to host it here.

Source: Jenn-b


Schu plots against the Weiss boys at the end of the OVA. From Strafe.

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