A Few Thoughts:

The Fanfiction Beast:

This is an archive of my own work. Although I have participated, in the past, in different writing challenge games with friends, I've decided I will only take responsibility for storing and displaying my stories. Life is just easier that way, not to mention that I have a hard enough time keeping up with fic updates on here with just my own work. If I add in the stories of others ... I quickly end up with something I don't have the time to manage.

If you are perusing this page and thinking about delving into the selections offered here, you are probably already well-acquainted with the curious beast that is fanfiction. But, I would like to share a couple of my own thoughts on the matter, as they could possibly color your decision about whether or not to take a chance on these stories.

To me, fanfiction is fun when it involves the exploration of ideas not delved into by the anime/manga or the telling of a story not thought of by the original work's creators. So, although you won't normally find my work labeled as such, I suppose you could call it "AU" (alternate universe), simply because it involves the telling of a story or development of an idea not addressed within the original work. I try to keep my stories true to canon. In other words, I try to write stories that could exist within the parameters established as the "universe" for each show. The same thing goes for the characters. Obviously, I try to keep them in character. After all, it's not much fun reading a fanfic where you can't even recognize the characters about whom the author is writing. My caveat to that is that I write them the way I see them: the way I feel they would react to the situations and events occurring in my stories. These are my own interpretations of the characters based on watching the series and/or reading the manga. My hope, always, is that my interpretation agrees with canon. Or, failing that, that I at least manage to make them believable within the context of the stories I have written.

"In Progress" Stories:

I try to post only completed stories here, although I will post stories that are "in progress" during the editing phase. This is because I have a troubling tendency to scrap and totally rewrite stories about halfway through, so it's just simpler for me if the story doesn't start going up until it's done. I'll try to make sure and note any exceptions to this general rule.

You Will Find:

Bad Language: Be advised that there probably will be foul language in all the fics found here. I try not to make it overwhelming, but it is there. Things like that don't particularly offend me, and I use it when I feel it's warranted by the story and/or by the characters. Let's face it --- none of the characters involved in the series for which I write fanfiction are choir boys ... so I don't think they'd look askance at the occasional (or frequent) use of obscenities.

Violence: Considering the anime(s) for which I normally write, I think it's safe to say violence of some kind is a foregone conclusion. Like the bad language, I try not to make it overwhelming. I also do not include violent scenes unless I feel they are necessary to the story. I don't like anything gratuitous or extraneous in my stories. If it doesn't drive the plot or serve a purpose, I feel it doesn't need to be in there.

The Occasional Author's Note: Sometimes there will be author's notes included with the stories, and sometimes not. I write them pretty much whenever I feel like it, or if I have something in particular to say about the story.

Typos: Sadly, I am not the world's best typist. So, there are likely to be typos in the stories. I apologize ahead of time for their presence -- I do my best to edit them out, but, seeing as how I am my own beta reader, I don't always catch all of them.

You will not find:

Shonen-ai: Typically, you will not find yaoi, yuri, or shonen-ai of any shape or form in these fics. Not that I have anything against it. I don't. I enjoy reading good yaoi fic as much as the next rabid fangirl. It's just not what I write.

Japanese: Yes, I know these are Japanese shows and books with Japanese characters. Unfortunately, I don't speak Japanese ... so, you will seldom (read as "probably never") find Japanese used in my fanfictions. If I did use Japanese words, I would, most likely, use them incorrectly, not being an expert or even marginally fluent or competent in the language.

Legal Stuff:

The stories here are intended only to express a fan's genuine appreciation of the featured animes and mangas. They are just for fun and not at all for profit. If you have rights in any of the works listed here and find the posting of these fanfics to be offensive or harmful, please contact me, and I will be happy to remove them.


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