Tex-chan's Other Homes
My other little homesteads out here on the world wide web. Be afraid ... be very afraid!
Gecko Blue Cels:
My Rubberslug Cel Gallery.
Tex-chan's Random Thoughts:
My Live Journal. Lots of angsting ... lots of general wondering about life ... lots of, well, what makes me tick, I suppose. Um, yeah ... read at your own risk!
For the Shutterbugs:
A small gallery of some of my photographs. I have not submitted anything in a while, but I intend to get this gallery back up-to-date in the near future.

Tex-chan's Guilty Pleasures
From shrine sites devoted to some of my favorite animes and mangas, to fanfiction and fan art --- just some of the fun places where I like to stop off on my Internet wanderings.

Saiyuki Sites:
Jet Lag
Weiss Kreuz Sites:

The Forsaken

Aya no Weiss Kreuz Corner

Weiss Kreuz Bish Site
White Pages
Weiss Kreuz Manga Review
Sleep is for the Weak
Blade of the Immortal Sites:
Blade of the Immortal --- Bird
Art Sites:
Crystal's Art Page


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