I write fanfiction for Weiss Kreuz, and I don't often venture out of that fandom. I think of it as my "safe zone", although that is probalby a misnomer of epic proportions. I'm not sure anything about the Weiss fandom is "safe", and, for that matter, I'm not sure anything about any fandom is ever "safe". But, I feel comfortable with Weiss Kreuz. I enjoy the show's setting, as it gives me a chance to write stories set in a more contemporary timeline. I also like the Weiss characters quite a lot. I like that they are four regular guys -- no secret powers or secret weapons stash -- just letting it all hang loose and putting their lives on the line for what they believe in. To me, that kicks so much butt, and it makes the characters interesting and fun.

With that said, I have ventured out of my safe zone on a few occasions, and that is what you will find posted here. For the most part, these stories were done in response to writing challenges. Most of them are one-shots, and most of them are short. Which is probably a good thing. ^.~

The series included here are: Full Metal Alchemist ... Howl's Moving Castle ... Saiyuki ... Revolutionary Girl Utena ... Vampire Hunter D ...

For each story, I have tried to note not only a summary, but also the series, the character/characters involved, and, if it was a writing challenge, the "challenge word(s)". I have archived these, roughly, in the order in which they were written, so they are not organized by series at this time.

The Damn Jell-O Story
Series: Saiyuki
Characters: Genjyo Sanzo, Sha Gojyo
Writing Challenge Response for Sanzo / Jell-O
Summary: Often, it's the quiet, uneventful times that try a person's sanity the most. Sanzo and Gojyo discover this is doubly true when Jell-O is involved.

Night Light
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Characters: Roy Mustang, Major Armstrong
Writing Challenge Response for Armstrong / Vampire
Summary: Horror movies and dark nights don't mix, but Major Armstrong learns any fear can be conquered, with a little help from a friend.

I Feel Pretty
Series: Howl's Moving Castle
Characters: Howl, Markl, Calcifer
Writing Challenge Response for Howl / Crossdressing

Summary: When Sophie goes away for the weekend, Howl comes up with an unusual way to cope with his boredom and loneliness.

What's Your Favorite Color?
Series: Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust
Characters: D, Left Hand
Writing Challenge Response for D / Pink

Summary: At the end of a bad day, D faces the final insult. Can his pride stand up to the challenge?

Death of a Salesman ... ???
Series: None Specified
Characters: Dracula, Max Greene (Original Character)
Writing Challenge Response for Dracula / Vaccuum
Summary: Being a traveling salesman is never easy ... especially not when you end up at a strange castle, just as darkness begins to fall.

Lay of the Land
Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Characters: Touga, Saionji
Writing Challenge Response for Touga / Crabgrass

Summary: Sometimes, crabgrass can be a boy's best friend ... uh ... sort of.


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