8-10-14: A small update today, and probably the last one for my cel gallery (and website) for quite a while. Seems it might be time for my little gallery to go back into "hibernation mode" - LOL. But (!!) I think it's a lovely, lovely update: An Aya-chan Ending Cel from Weiss Kreuz!

6-18-14: It really shocks me to realize it's been over a year (!!) since I last updated this website. I never, ever thought I would reach the point where I was basically "done" with cel collecting. But, I suppose life moves along and becomes busier for all of us. And money becomes harder to come by, too. The shows I love are now considered "old" -- much as it pains me to admit it, because I still remember that giddy feeling of first discovering them! As a result, there's just not that much art out there for them any more. And not many of the newer shows can hold my interest or my heart the way my old favorites do. I suppose it was inevitable that I would come to this point. I suppose it happens to all collectors, eventually. I'm not saying I'm totally done, though! I'm sure there will be a piece here or there that will capture my fancy and cause me to dig out my wallet. But I expect updates will continue to be few and far between around here. And you know what? That's OK. I'm very happy with the collection I have built thus far.

For today, I added a few pieces that I've had for quite some time. A couple of them have been sitting in my house, unscanned, for almost a year now. Totally shocking, considering I'm the gal who used to drop everything in order to scan her new pretties as soon as they came in. Like I said: Times, they are a'changin' ...

New things added in:

Weiss Kreuz: An Omi cel (from Kapitel) ... an OVA cel of Yohji & Manx ... updated episode info and screen cap on an OVA Schuldich cel
Flame of Recca: A cel of Fuuko and Kage Houshi
Orphen: A gorgeous cel of Azalie's image trapped in the crystals on the Lost Island
Saiyuki: A beautiful pan sketch, which was a Christmas gift from a good friend ... A HANKEN CEL!!!
Original Art: Two beautiful watercolors by the talented Crystal Gronnestad, both of them lovely gifts ... Ishida from Bleach & Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist

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